Coalition Air Strike Hits Daash Target

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — US-led coalition airstrikes against ISIS jihadis in the town of Shingal, Mosul province, resulted in the deaths of 24 militants, a Peshmerga commander told Rudaw. “The coalition airstrikes bombarded Daesh positions around 12 pm on Tuesday from the west, east and center of the town,” Ezadin Sandi, a commander of the 12th Peshmerga Brigade, said Tuesday. Daesh is the Arabic acronym for ISIS. “From the east side, they attacked a Daesh-held checkpoint, where at least 14 jihadists were killed. Meanwhile the airstrikes targeted a checkpoint and one of the group’s positions from the west and central areas, which resulted in the death of 10 Daesh gunmen,” Sandi added. Read more:

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