US Patrol Team Ambushed by Taliban

Kandahar, Afghanistan - From the team: "This was a patrol with the new ANA unit, so we were taking them around the area so they could get familiar with it. When we came into what was known to be the safest village in the area the Taliban ambushed us, trying to strike fear into the new guys. Little did they know we would push up into the village and take them head on. I mine hounded up to the furthest known point of their positions and even pushed100 meters out and then back in to try and sneak up on their position. The whole thing was about 5 hours long so batteries ran out in our cameras. We ended up getting 2 confirmed enemy KIA and none of our guys got hurt. We came out of the village and called it a day." B Co 1/38 - Sperwan Ghar

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