Shock Birth at Camp Bastion!


Camp Bastion in Afghanistan has woken up for the first time, to the sounds of a new born baby's cries. After a female serving soldier who didn't even know she was pregnant, gave birth unexpectedly to a baby boy after complaining of stomach pains. The woman, a Royal Artillery gunner who has not been named by the MoD, had only been in Afghanistan since March. And it is believed the child was conceived before she arrived in the country. In response to the news of the birth The MoD released a statement which said "Mother and baby are both in a stable condition,". A specialist paediatric team from Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital will fly out to Afghanistan in the next few days, in order to provide appropriate care for mother and baby ,who was born five weeks early, on the flight home. There has been criticism in the past of women on active service overseas, and the number of service women sent home pregnant .But the MOD has said 'No women are deployed in the general infantry on the front line but they do perform an essential diverse range of support roles' they then added 'Less than 1% of British servicewoman ever deployed on operations have had to return home because they were pregnant.'Written and presented by Ann Salter.

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