Riots Lock Down US Embassy

Kabul, Afghanistan -- The U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan is on lockdown today as deadly anti- American protests threaten American forces in the capital city. Fox News correspondent Conor Powell is in Kabul and reported on America's Newsroom about the violence, calling it "one of the most serious challenges U.S. troops face here in Afghanistan." He described the scene, saying, "Mid-morning protestors began gathering in different parts of Kabul. That quickly turned into violent riots, not only here in Kabul but in other cities. At least four people were killed, a dozen more were injured." Powell said the violence was triggered because "some troops found out that at a detention center some of the Taliban detainees were using Korans to trade messages." He said the troops then began to dispose of the Korans but were stopped by local Afghans who prevented the destruction. Within hours, General John Allen and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta both issued an apology. Powell explained that this is a serious issue because of the rising anti-American sentiment and frustration among Afghans about the war. He said the U.S. military is doing everything that they can to reassure the Afghans that the situation that occurred was unintentional.