Incredible Dustoff Mission in A'stan

U.S. Army Dustoff crew medevac a wounded Soldier with a hoist in Pech Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan. January 2011. Commonly referred to as Dustoff, which means-“Dedicated Unhesitating Service To Our Fighting Forces” men and women risk their lives every time they jump in the aircraft to go and save some wounded troops who have been blown up or shot. Their motto is, “Never refuse a mission, never return with an empty helicopter and the needs of the patient come first”. The role of the Dustoff is to evacuate wounded personal from coalition outposts Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), Patrol bases (PB) and Combat Outposts (COP). Their job is to not only pick up wounded military personnel but also civilian casualties, including the people that are trying to kill them. The main mission is to reach the casualty with the “golden hour”, the window of time before a casualty goes from being treatable to becoming a fatality.


Video Shock and Awe