Gen. Dempsey's Plane Hit by Rocket

US military chief's plane hit by Afghan militants at air base. Shrapnel from two rockets fired at Bagram Air Base struck the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs' C-17 plane Monday night, forcing the Chairman to await a replacement plane in order to leave Afghanistan. General Martin Dempsey was in his quarters at the time of the midnight attack on Bagram Air Base and was not injured or in any danger, according to his aides. NATO spokesman Jamie Graybeal says the attack did not affect Gen. Dempsey's mission in Afghanistan. He says Dempsey had left by Tuesday morning, though it was unclear if he left on the same plane. However, two American ground personnel from the base were being treated for light shrapnel wounds and possible traumatic brain injury due to the rocket strike. The two rockets were fired by remote timer, according to US military officials. The strike occurred shortly after midnight in Afghanistan, forcing Bagram Air Base into lock down mode for more than an hour.

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