Fallen Soldier Saluted by Passengers


There was a surprise honor for passengers on board a flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles on Thursday. Delta flight 2255 to LAX had a silent hero on board -- the body of a fallen U.S. Army soldier brought home to his family. Travel journalist Johnny Jet was on board and captured the moment that the honor guard boarded the plane to meet the official escorts. No one moved or made a sound, he said. "When the pilot made the announcement, it just went silent. You could almost hear a pin drop," Jet recalled. At one point, water ran down the plane's window from a firefighter’s water cannon salute. Jet also captured the moment when the flag-draped coffin was taken off the plane and the soldier's loved ones approached to touch it.Those watching from the terminal window also took a moment to pay their respects. Read more at Johnny Jet's site here: http://www.johnnyjet.com/2013/10/fallen-soldier-on-my-delta-flight

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