Enemy Contact in Kunar Province Pt 1

From submitter: "finally got around to uploading this video, this was from my deployment to Kunar Province Afghanistan. one of MANY engagements, just so happens my TC got it on video. the video really does NO justice whatsoever, as for myself, being up in the turret seeing everything thats goin on, hearing the massive amounts of gunfire all around, which you can somewhat hear in the video. every gun truck in our CLP was firing accurately, with 50 cals and lucky for me i was on the MK-19 turning big rocks into little rocks and blasting the S*** out of the enemy fighters we had come across. MK-19 jammed up after reload, so i pulled up my M4 and blasted away at the enemies i could see, taking down as many as i could knowing that our lives depended on me, because at the time i had the best view, headset off to hear everything, many taliban died that day. way to go distro! NO SLACK!"