Combat Aviation Brigade Returns

FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky - It's a job well done for over 100 men and women from Fort Campbell's 101st Combat Aviation Brigade Air Assault Division. They're home Friday night for the first time in several months.It was a cold day that warmed hearts. Time speeds up and it slows down, all at once. After all, they've waited for months for this moment. They don't exactly know what to feel first.It's been a really good, short, thank the Lord deployment, says military wife Shirl Molina. So, we're happy to have him home.It's mission completed for these men and women with the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, and that deserves nothing less than a warm welcome home.We will be seeing many more of these reunions. In the State of the Union Address, President Obama announced 34,000 troops will come home from Afghanistan by the end of next year.

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