Soldier: 'An iPhone Saved My Life'


Last May, 22-year-old Joel Stubleski from Alaska found himself in a fire-fight in Eastern Afghanistan. If he hadn't been carrying his iPhone in his pocket, he probably would not be alive today. Stubleski was shot in the upper thigh, was bleeding heavily, and thought he was going to die. It wasn't until he was airlifted by helicopters out of the area and medic cut off his pants that they discovered his iPhone still in his pocket — with a bullet hole through it. "The medics came up to me and they were like, 'this is the coolest thing I've ever seen,'" he recalled recently to KTVA in Anchorage. Doctors later told Stubleski that the iPhone likely changed the trajectory of the bullet, preventing it from going deeper into his leg and hitting his femoral artery, which could have killed him. The young soldier is still recovering from his injuries months later and as a memento uses a photo of his old phone as the cover for his new one. "Some people are saying it's bad luck," he said. "But it helped me out, so I think it's good luck."

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