155mm Round Impacts + French Strafings


"I know the video is fuzzy deal with it. This is really far from my position about 1.5 miles away. This is my view point during a fire fight that started around 0545. We are 18K away from where the 155mm rounds are being shot from (yes you can hear them being SHOT then the travel through the air and then the impact SPLASH). You can hear the rounds pass over our head! We launched like 90 rounds that day. The Commander told the Forward Observer to not shoot his last six rounds unless it was an emergency! So some French Mirage pilots were near and decided to give us a huge hand. Even to this day this makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. You can hear the excitement in my voice and I was 30 years old then. In the video you will see little sparkles above the tree line during one of the strafing runs, those are fleche rounds. They are like little darts raining down from above! Raining Steel! We were not doing this for fun...well maybe we were... we had Soldiers in all those villages you see in the video. Any time a platoon/squad came out into an open area away from cover someone attacked. And hey they started it!"

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