'Souvenirs' Trailer: GI Film Festival

Souvenirs: Healing after war - “Some souvenirs are very heavy.” Phong Phan, Vietnam Veteran Lyrical, intimate, and sometimes humorous, “Souvenirs” is a moving eulogy in film. Following her father’s suicide, director Mara Pelecis reveals the hidden layers of Ivars ‘Andy’ Pelecis’ elusive mental health, as his case for service related mental illness is reopened post- mortem. Seeking to understand Why he was the way he was, Mara finds healing in the lives and stories of other war veterans, including Rolling Thunder bikers, National Guard members, Vets for Peace, and Native American veterans. Combining her father’s Bolex film footage and photography together with her documentation of him and their family for nearly 20 years – this is a true story of the impact of war on a veteran and family over decades.