'Morituri ' - Trailer


Marlon Brando stars in a WWII thriller also released as “The Saboteur” and Code Name Morituri.” He plays a German officer who’s disillusioned by the Nazis and goes AWOL to hide out in India. The British Secret Service figure out who he is and blackmail him into taking on a mission to sabotage a German merchant ship loaded with rubber, a scarce resource during the war. Yul Brynner plays the ship’s captain and there’s a lot of capital-A Acting. The movie was a stiff when originally released, perhaps because no one understood the title (which is Latin for “about to die”). “Morituri” is one of Brando’s least-seen movies. It also features Brando’s close friend Wally Cox, the bespectacled actor who’s best known for his appearances in the upper left square on Hollywood Squares. (1965)

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