'Hellcats of the Navy' Classic Trailer


Hellcats of the Navy (1957) is a World War II submarine movie starring Ronald Reagan and his wife, billed as Nancy Davis, her then professional name. This was the only film in which they appear together. The story of the film is based on the non fiction book Hellcats of the Sea by Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood and Hans Christian Adamson. Reagan plays Commander Casey Abbott, commander of the fictional submarine USS Starfish, who is ordered to undertake a dangerous mission which sees him attempting to cut off the flow of supplies between China and Japan in the heavily-mined waters off the Asiatic mainland. When a diver, who is Abbott's competitor for the affections of Nurse Lieutenant Helen Blair (Davis) back at home, gets into a dangerous situation, Abbott must struggle to keep his personal and professional lives separate in dealing with the crisis. The results arouse ill feelings in the crew and especially Abbott's executive officer Lt. Commander Landon who asks his captain to let him air his views in confidence. The results lead Abbott to write in Landon's efficiency report that he should never be given command of a naval vessel, resulting in further ill feeling between the two.

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