Progenitor: Palak and the Sky Gods

Book Trailer for "Progenitor: Palak and the Sky Gods." As he waits to be transported back to the ship that brought him to Yimi for The Contest, the Captain struggles to catch his breath in the moon's low oxygen atmosphere. As the light of the transport overtakes him, he glances back at the dead creature on the ground. He wonders what this creature was and where it came from. Having won The Contest, the Sucobers now have full rights to mine planet #762, Medias. On Medias, the humanoid tribes struggle for survival. Some tribes thrive, touched by Sky Gods, while others fail and end up mired in jealousy and anger. The fate of Medias has already been determined by The Contest. But can anyone Medias rise up to face the godlike adversaries who are crossing galaxies to stake their claims?