N. Korea Dreams of Nuking NYC!?

Ok, so this is the strangest video I have seen in a long time. This is a video apparently showing N. Korea dreaming about nuking NYC... all set to a soothing Michael Jackson jam. Keep dreaming, North Korea. - North Korea dreams of nuking New York City to the tune of "We Are the World." That's the gist of the latest propaganda video from the Hermit Kingdom, which uses cutting-edge 1980s video editing to portray the dreams of one citizen comrade, fantasizing about the Big Apple leveled by a Communist missile attack. The choice of music is odd by anyone's standards, but if one were being nuked, there are probably worse songs to accompany it than a Michael Jackson ballad raising money for Africa. The video, uploaded by the Uriminzokkiri propaganda agency, is hilarious, proving that North Korea continues to toe that thin line between "evil nuclear rogue state" and "Borat country."

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