Delta Passenger Films Scary Bird Strike


A Delta flight made an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York on Thursday, after an engine problem that the pilot said was caused by a bird strike shortly after takeoff. Delta Flight 1063's pilot reported an engine problem shortly after the Los Angeles-bound plane took off from JFK around 3 p.m., FAA spokesman Jim Peters said. "Flight 1063 was on take-off when the aircraft encountered a bird strike" in its right engine, said Anthony Black, a Delta spokesman. "As a precaution, the captain returned to JFK," Black said. Passenger Grant Cardone shot video of several birds flying by his window moments before the strike. He said he "just had this crazy intuition" to record video of the takeoff on his iPad. "It's only 16 seconds long, and you literally see the birds passing my screen," Cardone said. "You hear them literally getting engulfed into the right engine of the 757... and then it sounded like a Smart Car being consumed through that engine, which lasted about another 3 or 4 seconds." Cardone said the plane then started lurching, going up about 100 feet and then down about 100 feet. Read more at,0,348061…


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