Master Class: Female Veterans


    Your gender can affect how the world perceives you, how likely a recruiter will click on your profile, and how much you get paid.

    In this video, you will find the four things you can do most to increase your chances of getting hired at a better job at a higher salary. You will learn:

    1. How to tell your story so that hiring managers stop puzzling over why you joined the military and see you as a prime candidate for this job. Learn our four-sentence approach.
    2. How to ask for (and get) the kind of flexibility on the job you might be looking for right now.
    3. How women can negotiate for a higher salary simply by changing what you think “negotiation” has to be. Learn exactly the words and phrases you need.
    4. How to network in a way that isn’t asking for favors or risking rejection. BONUS: find out where your hidden advocates are right now.

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