Master Class: Federal Resume Lab


    Now that you have learned the basics in our Master Class, The Undeniable Federal Resume or Federal Resume Reboot, it is time to write your own federal resume. Even though you know how to find your core competencies and the hidden questionnaire in theory, it can get sticky when you start trying to write it yourself.

    In this master class, we offer individual coaching for federal resumes only. 

    1. Sign up for a spot by emailing Rachael at
    2. Or show up with your resume, ready to jump in when there is a spot. 
    3. Or plan to sit back and watch, learn, and grow on your own. 

    We will do speed rounds so I can get to as many federal resumes as possible. We will compare your resume to the federal job listing you want to apply for, and then I’ll give you the feedback you want most. I am also happy to answer any questions you have about your resume.

    Visit our Veteran Employment Project page to see all upcoming Master Classes.

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