New GHOST Ship Undetectable by Radar

(CNN) -- Gregory Sancoff thinks he knows what the Navy needs, even before U.S. war planners do. The Navy, he says, needs Ghost. Sancoff is CEO of Juliet Marine Systems — maker of a futuristic-looking, 21st-century warship that he says can protect large Navy ships from attacks by small boats. Simply put, Ghost looks a lot like an F-117 "stealth" attack jet — on skis. A year after unveiling Ghost and pricing it at $10 million per boat, the Navy has unofficially expressed interest, Sancoff said, but nothing more. The 60-foot long Ghost is shown bristling with weapons in slickly produced Juliet videos while its stealthy silhouette slices effortlessly and ominously through the water. It surpasses 50 knots (57 mph) by surrounding each ski with a bubble of air that helps it cut through water much easier than regular boats. It's a concept called super-cavitation. Ghost can be operated by a three-person crew. But this vessel also performs without a crew if needed, operated by remote control from a nearby ship. It can deploy 18 special forces troops without drawing too much attention. If Washington isn't taking a close look at Ghost, Sancoff wants to know if it's because his firm is too small. Source:

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