Homemade Sub Makes Virgin Voyage

US explorer and counter-terrorism operative Scott Cassell has seen his homemade submarine make its maiden dive. His 1.5 ton vessel - named The Great White - launched off the coast of Tioman Island in Malaysia. Scott had spent years creating the sub out of mostly recycled materials after finding a rusting steel hull discarded in a California back garden. Along with close friend Scott Read, an engineer, he meticulously made it sea worthy - equipping it with three external cameras, an observation bubble and adapting it to run entirely on electricity. Scott, who through his company Undersea Voyage Project aims to teach people the values of protecting the ocean, says it can dive to depths of 500ft, but only has plans so far to go to half that. During its maiden voyage, the 14.2ft sub passed with flying colours. Watch more at http://www.youtube.com/user/barcroftmedia