Revolutionary Helmet Mounted Display


BAE Systems - Q-Warrior Soldier Helmet Mounted Display Field Testing -- A revolutionary helmet mounted display system designed to provide soldiers and Special Forces personnel with more real-time visual data than ever before is exceeding expectations in field testing with US military researchers. The Q-Warrior™- the latest iteration of our helmet-mounted display technology, looks like a pilot's head-up display but has been specially designed for the soldier who needs unique capabilities, such as identifying hostile and non-hostile forces, as well as co-ordinating small unit actions. Designed and built by engineers at our Electronic Systems business in Rochester, Kent, the system significantly increases situational awareness capabilities for the 'dismounted soldier' - in other words military personnel operating out of their vehicles. Q-Warrior™ introduces a high transmission and high luminance see-through display which incorporates a high-resolution colour, collimated display to allow the use of symbols and video to blend intuitively with the user's view of the world. Waypoints, other points of interest and targets can all be displayed overlaid on the real view of what's actually out there.

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