High Speed Gibbs Amphibian Vehicle

Designed as the platform of the future for amphibious transport and rescue. Phibian is the largest High Speed Amphibian (HSA), developed to date. The carbon fibre-constructed 4WD Phibian in passenger mode can comfortably carry 15 people. When reconfigured for cargo it can carry a payload of 3,307 pounds (1,500kg). Fast on land and water. Rapid in transition. Phibian is powered by two 250hp 6 cylinder turbo diesel engines. It is capable of highway speeds on land and 30mph+ on water. With the touch of a button and in seconds, Phibian transitions between land and water. On land each engine independently power a drive line allowing, front, rear or all wheel drive on demand. On water, the engines are also coupled independently with a GIBBS HSA technology water jet propulsion system. Incorporating two independent drive lines, on land and water, allows complete redundancy of one system, while retaining the capability, under a single power train, to return to base. Phibian has robust marine, highway and off-road performance.


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