From MRE to Michelin


New York chef Chuck George grew up sampling MREs (meals ready to eat) his serviceman father, brought back from the base. Several years later he wanted to revisit these Military meals, but this time around give them the kind of reverence and elevation given to the ingredients from the kitchens he worked in. Teaming up with videographer friend Jimmy Pham and photographer Henry Hargreaves the group scrounged the grey market to find MREs from different armies across the globe. Although different in ideology, feeding the troops is the common priority of any military. "We wanted to see how different Armies go about feeding their troops. You can tell a lot about how valued someone is by the food they are given. In respect to servicemen and woman across the globe we wanted to take these meals and elevate them to Michelin Star quality meals. In essence taking some of the most unappetizing food, thats given to the bravest people and making it look fit for the nation’s leader."

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