The SWAT Raid That Killed a Marine


Arizona - Jose Guerena, 26, who joined the Marines in 2002 and served two tours in Iraq, was killed just after 9 a.m. May 5 during a SWAT Raid. Here is the helmet cam footage of the event captured by the SWAT team. Late Thursday afternoon the Pima County Sheriff's Department, responding to public records requests, released video and documents related to the shooting of Jose Guerena. Guerena died on May 5 when a SWAT team arrived at his Pima County home to serve a search warrant. The SWAT team's attorney has said that when the team broke down the door, they saw Guerena standing there with a rifle and that he said, "I've got something for you." The team then opened fire. The Sheriff's Department revealed earlier that the team expended 71 rounds.

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