Video Released of Albuquerque Shoot Out

Albuquerque, NM - Back in October, law enforcement in Albuquerque was attacked by a single shooter. Christopher Chase went on a rampage, stealing a police car and shooting three APD officers as well as a Bernalillo County deputy. KOB Eyewitness News 4 has obtained the chaotic lapel camera footage from all the APD officers involved. It shows from the start of that horrific day to the violent end that left Chase dead. As law enforcement chased around the city, after multiple calls come in about an active shooter, their cameras were rolling, capturing the chaos. The suspect, Christopher Chase, wounded Officer Michael Hannum and took his police car, tearing through Albuquerque. At one point, you can hear another officer, Daniel Morales, actually get hit. Deputy Robin Hopkins was also shot, severely injured. Witnesses tell police they saw the man firing everywhere. Police snipers set up a kill zone near 4th and Montano. In one officer's lapel video, you can see him speeding through the area, firing shots out the window. You can see the officer's window is shattered. The officer arrives at the gas station where Chase crashed the police car, and reloads. The video shows several officers taking cover behind their cars, waiting for confirmation that Chase was dead. The autopsy for Christopher Chase was released Tuesday. It shows Chase died from eight gunshot wounds.


Video Shock and Awe