Police Draw Guns, Arrest Man at War Memorial

Police drew their guns on a man near the National War Memorial in Ottawa Thursday morning, yelling for him to “get down,” before taking him into custody. Ottawa Police said he was arrested for “disturbing the crime scene at the Cenotaph” but offered no further information. “It’s just somebody that tried to breach the crime scene, and that’s all we have for now,” Ottawa police Const. Marc Soucy told The Canadian Press. Federal politicians gathered at the National War Memorial in Ottawa this morning prior to the resumption of Parliament to pay their respects to fallen Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo, gunned down at the base of the monument on Wednesday. A witness said Prime Minister Stephen Harper had “just arrived” at the scene when police pulled their guns on the unknown man. In an address in the House of Commons, Harper urged MPs to take care of their health and see a doctor if experiencing “physical stress as a result of what occurred yesterday.” Harper called it a terribly sad day, particularly for the family and loved ones of both Nathan Cirillo and Quebec hit-and-run victim Patrice Vincent. “We’ve seen the pictures of these ‘beautiful guys’ as Don Cherry would say—and our hearts are with all of them,” said Harper.