250 Muslims Attack French Police

Nearly 250 people flocked to 20 h 30 outside the police station in Trappes (Yvelines), throwing missiles at the police station, in the heart of sensitive area of ​​Cherries. Bins were set ablaze and shelters have been shattered. These men intended to show their anger at the custody of the people who assaulted the night before a policeman. Thursday late afternoon, police officers conducting the inspection of a veiled woman on the way pub Des poubelles brûlent. -- @obc78 Garbage burning. - @ Obc78 lic. Very quickly, the tone rises. A crowd creates. The companion of the woman whose face is hidden by a veil is attacking a policeman. He tried to strangle her. This 21 year old man was immediately arrested and taken into custody. A decision that irritates some people, combining this fact aggression another veiled woman by two brothers on July 14. Both men were sentenced by the criminal court of Versailles to two months in prison. Already in the course of Friday afternoon, about forty people hostile to the forces gathered outside the police station. Friday evening, riot police stationed along the N 10, aided by a police helicopter flying over the city, raided the area to 22 h 30. The police, he was squared by police. "It is unacceptable that after the assault of a police officer, a demonstration took place outside a police station to demand the release of the author", stated Thierry Mazet the Alliance union. The facts that occur in Trappes are serious. It is the authority of the state is called into question. " Four police officers were injured and a 14-year old boy suffered a serious eye injury from a flying projectile, police said.


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