155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

The ATMOS is an autonomous, computerized 155 mm truck mounted howitzer which is rapidly deployed and operable in difficult terrain. The modular ATMOS system is available with a range of qualified in-service trucks and gun calibers. The need for light, long range, fast moving artillery has been recognized as being critical for the new battlefield environments. This is ,especially so in countries in which terrain conditions, roads rails and bridges place limitations on the weight and size of traditional self-propelled artillery systems. Artillery units are called upon to engage a variety of targets, gapping long ranges, expecting counter battery fire within minutes of ‘commencing fire. The basic upper gun system is Elbit Systems most modern 52 caliber NATO standard gun system and achieves range of achieving 41 km. As a modular system it .can adopt any other Soltam or customer guns. Read more at .pdf


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