Elbit Land Systems in Action

Elbit Systems produces a diverse and comprehensive range of systems and sensors for land forces. The Company’s total solution concept covers all aspects of combat vehicles – from complete modernization and training to maintenance depots and life-cycle support services. Building on advanced in-house capabilities and core technologies, Elbit Systems is a one-stop source for net-centric compatible solutions. The Company’s battle-proven systems include target acquisition, battle management, laser warning and protection, weapon stations, surveillance, fire control (FC) and turret drives. Elbit Systems also offers life support systems (LSS), add-on auxiliary power units (APUs) and a broad range of autonomous systems. Elbit Systems supplies advanced land systems both as turnkey solutions and on a stand-alone basis. The Company’s comprehensive solutions cater to all types of forces and can be integrated into existing platforms. http://www.elbitsystems.com/elbitmain/land

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