700 HP Speedboat Can't Outrun Missile


Building on the Dual Mode Brimstone missile’s excellent combat record of destroying complex land targets, MBDA continues to upgrade Brimstone’s capabilities for maritime engagements. In our most recent testing, Brimstone destroyed a high-speed Fast in-shore Attack Craft (FIAC) target maneuvering in an environment cluttered with multiple neutral vessels. In the testing, a Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado GR4 jet aircraft attacked a remotely-controlled 40ft FIAC powered by twin 350hp engines. Two separate successful shots were taken, one with a telemetry Dual Mode Brimstone missile (non-warhead, data-gathering missile), and one with an operational Dual Mode Brimstone missile. Both missiles were fitted with MBDA’s latest anti-FIAC software upgrades which optimized the missile for the unique challenges of maritime engagements. Read more at: http://brimstonemissile.com/700-hp-speedboat-fiac-cant-outrun-brimstone

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