Club-K Container Missile System


    Club-K Container Missile System is designed for engagement: 1) surface ships of different classes and types -- 2) land and shore-based targets -- The following types of missiles are used in Club-K system: 1) 3M-54KE, 3М-54KE1, Kh-35UE anti-ship missiles; 2) 3M-14KE, Kh-35UE land-attack missiles. Universal launching module, performed as the standard maritime container-type, is the basic unit of Club-K system. Club-K system basic configuration includes from one to four universal launching modules. Club-K universal launching module ammunition load includes 4 missiles. Club-K universal launching module is fully autonomous. Club-K system can be supplied with active-and-passive or passive target acquisition and designation systems (including the container-type variant) that enables to detect, identify, bear and determine target coordinates at the distance exceeding the missile range. Technical means of Club-K system can also receive target designation data from any coastal, shipborne, aviation, satellite system and complex available to the customer.

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