Spynel 360 Degree Thermal Imaging

HGH Infrared Systems, an award-winning global provider of 360-degree thermal imaging systems, announces the debut of their new high resolution system for Wide Area Surveillance. The new camera, the Spynel-U, is an uncooled, long-wave infrared camera system, joining the family of panoramic, detecting and tracking thermal solutions. Spynel-U can detect a human at up to 2.5km, in total darkness, or through smoke or inclement weather conditions. The uncooled sensor is now the most cost-effective of the Spynel solutions and requires no maintenance. The Spynel cameras take wide-area surveillance to the highest levels. On land or at sea, the Spynel thermal cameras act as high resolution "optical radars", with automatic and real time detection of simultaneous and unlimited targets within the panoramic image. Unlike conventional radars, Spynel is a fully passive system, that cannot be detected and jammed. Spynel's continuously-monitored, ultra wide panoramic field of view ensures that no event is missed. Spynel provides powerful situational awareness and insures cost-effective maritime and port surveillance, airport perimeter security as well as other critical infrastructure protection. Read more at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/9/prweb11108875.htm


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