Next Gen Combat Communications

AN/VIC-5 Enhanced Vehicular Intercommunication System -- Fast, safe, secure and reliable communications are an essential element of mission success on today's battlefield. AN/VIC-5 is an integrated intercom system that supports Internet Protocol (IP) and comprises a range of control consoles, operator stations, cables and headsets. The system's cost-effective modular design, fit-to-mission scalability and enhanced intercom features make AN/VIC-5 the best value for new military vehicle platforms and for vehicle upgrades. AN/VIC-5's customizable, mix-and match, modular architecture scales to accommodate virtually any platform requirements. This intuitive, flexible approach allows users to combine system components to provide clear, noise-free communications between crewmembers inside the combat vehicle and externally to dismounted users and combat net radios. Selecting from a variety of standard modules enables system scalability to support vehicle command post operations and tactical operations centers with up to 58 users and 16 combat net radios. Read more at

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