MTGR Great for EOD Missions


The MTGR (Micro Tactical Ground Robot) platform is a unique and robust lightweight, tactical vehicle with high maneuverability in all terrains both indoors and outdoors. The MTGR system, which includes the MTGR platform, ROCU control unit and relevant payload, is a high-performance system featuring a simple and intuitive control interface. The MTGR was specially designed to aid military, law enforcement and public safety units in various combat situations around the world. Whether it is for an EOD unit or Special Ops, tactical missions or monitoring public safety – The MTGR dominates the unknown. The MTGR, a light EOD platform, is ready to take the world by storm. Agile and flexible, the MTGR can negotiate obstacles and quickly climb stairs to explore several floors ahead of ground forces. Moreover, the MTGR’s unique communication technology allows a single operator to control several platforms on the ground, maritime or air interchangeably. The man-carried system is controlled by the Ruggedized Operator Control Unit (the ROCU) - a high resolution, handheld, touch-screen operator console with gamepad controllers. Learn more at the official site:

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