Atlas Robot Walks Over Randomness


Team IHMC's Atlas Humanoid Robot walking over random stuff that we threw in front of it. While the robot has some impressive sensors, including the Carnegie Robotics sensor head, in this video we have the robot walk over the obstacles without any sensing of them, to demonstrate some robustness to rough terrain. The tether provides electrical power to an onboard hydraulic pump. The overhead safety rope does not support any of the weight of the robot. It is there in the off chance that the robot falls. How often does the robot fall? Right now often, but much less than when we started working with the robot 2 months before this video was made. While the robot is strong enough to get back up after a fall, it's hard to say if it is able to fall without damaging itself. So for the time being we'll stick with the overhead safety system. Stay tuned for some more impressive walking, and hopefully some more impressive falling!

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