Waitress's Amazing Act of Kindness


New Hampshire Ruby Tuesday's waitress Sarah said she didn't think much of her good deed for two furloughed National Guardsmen. When she found out they were out of work she picked up their $30 tab leaving a note on the receipt to express her gratitude for their service. The single mom of a 15-month-old says she knows how hard it can be to make ends meet. Just thinking to myself that must really be difficult because the income stops but that doesn't mean the bills do. She didn't expect what her act of kindness would set off. Touched the guardsmen hugged her and their reaction was worth everything. Like I was like I just bought you lunch but thank you. News of the gesture then quickly spread online when the N.H. National Guard posted a picture of Sarah and a copy of her note on their Facebook page. The response was overwhelming she says. I think the most moving thing I saw on Facebook was people saying there should be more people like me in the world. That really got to me. Sarah has a friend who served in the military and her boyfriend is a Marine. They protect this country and they protect citizens like me.

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