British Army Close Protection Pt. 4

(Part 4 of 4, short videos) Vehicle Extraction -- The elite Close Protection Unit of the Royal Military Police (RMP) is tasked with protecting VIPs. In order to become part of this unit soldiers who have already spent time as regular Military Police, must undergo an intensive selection process, before they can become part of the unit. The Close Protection Unit works and trains from a camp in Hampshire and operates in areas as diverse as Columbia and Algeria, protecting everyone from Diplomats to Afghan Generals. Those would-be bodyguards must show above average intelligence and fitness as well as grit and determination before they are accepted on to the eight-week course. The course takes the volunteer RMP soldiers back to basics, teaching them defensive and offensive driving techniques, new weapons systems and shooting methods. All of this is so that they might save the life of 'the principal,' as the VIP is referred to, in an ambush situation.