Syrian Soldiers Join Armed Resistance

There is growing evidence of an organised armed insurgency in Syria led by soldiers who have defected to join the opposition. A video posted online appears to show - for the first time - men armed with semi-automatic weapons engaged in battle with the regime forces. The commentary on the tape, said to have been filmed in the city of Hama, declares that the men are "renegade" soldiers who are now fighting against government troops. Another video shows at least a dozen armed men in military uniform being cheered by residents in Homs. A video posted online shows the men armed with semi-automatic weapons. They declare themselves to be part of the Free Syrian Army, a force made up of army defectors which claims to have units across the country. Their leader, speaking to the camera, says they defected on November 5th to fight against the regime and protect the people of Homs.


Video Shock and Awe