Russian 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade Live Fire

The 200th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade is a military formation of the Russian Ground Forces based at Pechenga in Murmansk Oblast. It forms part of the 6th Army in the Western Military District. As of November 2011 it became the first of two new Arctic brigades of the Russian Ground Forces. The unit has had some disciplinary problems. The 200th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade has the following equipment: 1) 41 x T-80 Main Battle Tanks 2) 36 x 2S19 Msta self-propelled howitzers 3) 18 x BM-21 Grad Multiple Rocket Launchers 4) MT-LB based 9P149 tank destroyers with 9K114 Shturm Anti-tank missile 5) SA-13 Gopher Rapira 100-MM AT gun 6) SA-8 Gekko 7) SA-19 Grison