Putin Goes 20 Leagues Under Sea

In latest display of machismo Putin has been pictured on submarine He rode craft 60 metres (200 feet) down to see the remains of naval frigate Oleg sank in 1869 after being hit by another vessel while on maneuvers Vladimir Putin's latest display of machismo has seen him plunge to the bottom of the ocean in a decidedly James Bond-esque manner. The stunt-happy Russian leader - who in the past has been pictured enjoying manly pursuits such as topless horse riding, fishing and hunting - has now released shots of him embarking on a half- hour trip to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland to see a shipwreck. Mr Putin today rode a small submersible craft 60 metres (200 feet) down to see the remains of the naval frigate Oleg, which sank in 1869, Russian news reports said. Unfortunately it seems the Russian leader did not find any treasure. The remains, being examined by marine archaeologists, lie off the island of Gogland, 110 miles west of St Petersburg. Mr Putin's penchant for adventurous stunts included a trip to the bottom of Lake Baikal, the world's deepest lake, and a scuba dive in which he brought up pottery shards. However, his spokesman later admitted the pieces had been planted.

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