Brazilian Air Force 'Fighter Aviation Day'

A tribute made by the Brazilian Air Force to honor the 70th anniversary of the Brazilian Air Force 'Fighter Aviation Day' which commemorates a major WWII victory against the Nazis. The Brazilian Air force made important contributions to the Allied war effort in World War II, especially as part of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force on the Italian front. The "1st Fighter Group", which saw action in Italy, was formed on December 18, 1943. Its commanding Officer was Aviation Lieutenant Colonel Nero Moura. On September 19, 1944 the 1st Fighter Group left for Italy, arriving at Livorno on October 6. It became part of the 350th Fighter Group of the USAAF, which in turn was part of the 62nd Fighter Wing, XXII Tactical Air Command, of the 12th Air Force. On 22 April 1945, the three flights took off at 5-minute intervals, starting at 8:30 AM, to destroy bridges, barges, and motorized vehicles in the San Benedetto region. At 10:00 AM, a flight took off for an armed reconnaissance mission south of Mantua. They destroyed more than 80 tanks, trucks, and vehicles. By the end of the day, the group had flown 44 individual missions and destroyed hundreds of vehicles and barges. On this day the group flew the most sorties of the war; consequently, Brazil commemorates April 22 Brazilian Fighter Aviation Day.