2 RPG Hits On Ukrainian Paratrooper BMD-1

Ukraine War - 2 RPG hits and several close calls on Ukrainian paratrooper BMD-1 during intense firefight in Uglegorsk. Intense combat footage from the battlefield in eastern Ukraine filmed from the driver seat inside of a Ukrainian BMD-1 from the 25th airborne brigade during intense fighting with Novorossian rebels. The vehicle engages pro-Russian troops with heavy machine gun fire and meets several close calls with returning fire including two RPG hits on the vehicle that were stopped by a self-made anti-RPG grid done by volunteers that saved their vehicle. Also other armor involved in the battle got hit by anti-tank weapons but survived the attack too. Infantry units took cover behind the BMD-1 during the whole time of the engagement. The video also includes scenes from the aftermath of the battle and a picture showing the vehicle before the fight.


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