Former Marine Shown as Hostage in Syria

BEIRUT - An American freelance journalist who has been missing in Syria since mid-August has been shown in a video clip posted online, blindfolded and saying "Oh, Jesus" in a frightened voice in the custody of armed men. The video, which came to light Monday, was the first sign of Austin Tice's condition since he disappeared more than seven weeks ago. Tice, a 31-year-old former Marine, had been reporting on Syria's civil war for The Washington Post, McClatchy Newspapers and others. The Tice family confirmed to several media outlets that their son appears in the video. In the video, Tice tries to recite the Muslim declaration of faith, or shahada, but then switches to English and says, "Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus" and rests his head on a captor's arm. The Associated Press could not independently confirm the origin or the content of the video clip. Although the footage shows a group of captors dressed like Islamic extremists and shouting "God is Great," the clip lacks the customary appearance of jihadist videos.

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