Political Ad Features Drill Sergeant

Tom Cotton Ad: "At Ease" -- Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor may have touched a political third rail while fighting for his political life against freshman Rep. Tom Cotton. Pryor, a two-term Democrat whose seat is considered one of the more vulnerable for Republicans to pick up in November, accused his opponent of running for his House seat simply as a means to run for Senate. "When I look at Congressman Cotton's record, I don't see where he's passed a bill, I don't see where he's really accomplished anything in the House," Pryor told NBC's Kasie Hunt last month. But Pryor may have stepped in it when Hunt asked about Cotton's service in the Army, where he served tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. "I appreciate that, I have great respect for that, I would never criticize anyone for serving our country, and I say thank you for that," Pryor said, but added that military service, in his mind, does not automatically qualify someone to become a senator. Video Credit: https://www.youtube.com/user/CottonforCongress


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