Comedian Heckled by 'Military Guy'

Well, its not really as much a heckle as it is a very well-timed joke by a veteran in the audience. Check out this note from the comedian: "While doing a set at LA Comedy Club in Bally's Las Vegas, a young man from the military mentioned he was "comin' for" me. It was all in good taste, and I have nothing but love for the armed forces." The comedian's response on Reddit: "Hey guys, this is me, Deepak Sethi. Thanks for the upvotes and comments. Just to give you a little more info about this night: this was at the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas (at Bally's Casino). The dude was a real vet, we talked after the show and he was really cool. He was with his wife who was super embarrassed. I got them free comps to future shows for being a good sport. Like someone else mentioned, this was the friendliest heckle ever! I really don't think he was trying to be racist."