Drug Smugglers Ram USCG, Officer Killed


A more complete picture of the details surrounding the collision that killed US Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III have become more clear after a criminal complaint was filed on Monday afternoon in Los Angeles District Court. This animation is an update of 1833-US-USA-COASTGUARD-DEATH based on the new information. Horne was killed and another Coast Guard member injured when their boat was rammed by suspected drug smugglers off the southern California coast, the Coast Guard said on Sunday. The officers had been dispatched in a small boat from the Coast Guard cutter Halibut after a Coast Guard maritime surveillance plane spotted the suspect vessel. As the officers approached the vessel shortly before dawn it accelerated and rammed their boat. Both offices were thrown overboard. One of the officers, Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III, suffered a severe head injury and died. Another Coast Guard boat later caught the vessel. Two men on board were arrested and an undisclosed amount of marijuana was found. SOURCE: Santa Barbara Independent

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