CG Breaks in 29-ft Response Boats!

OXNARD, Calif. -- Coast Guard Station Channel Islands Harbor received two new small boats this month as part of the service's plan to standardize and revitalize its shore-based fleet. The station received a 45-foot RB-M to replace the aging and outdated 41-foot Utility Boat. They also received a new 29-foot RB-S II that will be replacing the station's 25-foot RB-S I. The 45-foot RB-M boasts an improved design, new ergonomics, and enhanced safety features, making boat crews more effective in performing their multiple missions. The 29-foot Response Boat-Small (RB-S) II is a high-speed, easily deployable asset designed to operate year-round in shallow waters along coastal borders. The boat is four feet longer than its predecessor and was designed with an increased emphasis on function and crew comfort. As of mid-February, 115 out of the 166 RB-M's the Coast Guard has ordered have been delivered with eight stationed in California. Of the 38 RB-S II's ordered, 29 have been delivered with five stationed in the state. For more information on the 45-foot RB-M, visit To view information on the 29-foot RBS II, visit

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