Captain Detained After Sailboat Chase

The end of the line for the man suspected of leading the Coast Guard on a three hour chase from Sausalito to the Pacific Ocean. He was marched off the sail -- at the Coast Guard station in Sausalito after 9 o'clock tonight. Around 730. Heavily armed team launched from a Coast Guard cutter and ended the standoff. Personally became alongside the car -- strong -- -- -- -- Basically says you know I'll be compliant British -- every we -- that would separate cars cars that it will come forward. Kids the most part 48 -- that he would compliant. The altercation. Our what did you have -- to -- DRS. Didn't I didn't feel an obligation didn't do. The cat and mouse game played out four hours several miles off the marine shoreline. The Coast Guard vessel would get close then the sailboat would head farther out to sea. The chase went from Sausalito under the golden gate bridge and out to the ocean.

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