U.S. Army Convoy in the Czech Republic


Prague, March 29 — Thousands of people welcomed the U.S. military convoys on the border and along the roads and motorways in the Czech Republic today, while only dozens of opponents protested against U.S. troops. Three U.S. convoys, returning from the Baltic countries to a German base, gradually entered the Czech Republic today. The first convoy, comprising 39 vehicles with 135 soldiers, crossed the Czech-Polish border in Nachod, at 10:36 CEST today. It arrived in Pardubice, east Bohemia, where the soldiers would spend the night, at around 16:00. The other convoy crossed the Czech-Polish border in Vernovice near Bohumin, north Moravia, at about 10:45, and was heading for Vyskov, south Moravia. It consisted of 165 soldiers in 37 vehicles. The delayed third convoy of 180 soldiers and some 40 vehicles arrived late in the afternoon between 17:00 and 19:30. It was heading for Liberec, north Bohemia. Some 500 soldiers on around 115 armored personnel carriers, mainly Stryker armoured carriers and Humvees (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle), are crossing the Czech Republic. The "Dragoon Ride" is to demonstrate support for the allies' territories that feel threatened by the Russian aggression in Ukraine. The Czech military police are in charge of accompanying the convoys on Czech territory.

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